Visitor management and factory security

System to manage all employees, contractors and visitors of a company, automatic or manual recording of all in and outgoing traffic through different airlocks.


Optimal user experience

Terminals for self-registration, welcome screens, waiting lists and logistics modules, counter dashboard.

Printing visitor badges

Visitor badges with picture and destination information, optional transponder bookings for readers.

Targeted notifications

Notifications for the guest about his registration, for the recipient about the guest presence and overviews of the stay.


Master data

Visitor Management

Factory security

Web modules

Fleet management



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Master data

Gruppieren Sie Standorte nach Mandanten um gemeinsame Stammdaten zu nutzen. Die Sichtbarkeit der Standorte ist nach Mandanten abgegrenzt.

Subdivide the client by departments with location assignment. Organize all employees. Data transfer from leading systems possible.

Organize all functional areas with employee assignment: first responders, fire brigade, building managers, operations managers, etc.

Record all active external companies with employees who work at the site.

Assign to each location the access ports and access routes with connection to readers for transponders for barrier or gate opening.

Manage resources such as meeting rooms, beamers, PCs and accessories, telephones and much more.

Organize parking reservations and vehicles with special status.

Visitor Management

Quick and easy registration of existing and new visitors as well as external companies in the system.

Automatic booking of visitors and external companies during passage with control of the security status (instruction).

Manage diverse instruction and training presentations with questions for different security levels.

Terminal for self-registration of visitors and external companies or suppliers with acquisition of initial image for data reconciliation. Self-instruction through assigned presentation with examination questions.

Factory security

Emergency management covers all situations (fire, malfunction, environmental influences, accidents) with allocation of the reporting chain and responsibilities. Automatic notification of all necessary participants.

Emergency and event messages are sent on predefined transport routes by SMS, e-mail or pager to the responsible persons.

Gate controls for visitors, cars and trucks (suppliers) are recorded and documented both at entry and exit according to various triggers (constant, random)

All emergencies and events can be quickly and easily recorded and added to the watch history. Existing templates and coordination features facilitate the daily work.

The security staff is managed in a shift plan according to presence and assignment

Required proofs of security, such as daily guard reports or special incidents, are automatically sent as reports to defined distribution lists.

Web modules

Easy registration of visitors via a web console that can be accessed via the intranet. Visitors can be called up from the history or via the external company.

Easy reporting of accidents, damages and thefts via a web console. Post-processing and document assignment for forwarding as a package for insurance-related events.

Quick and easy release of own employees for access to the company site. Automatic booking of the access permit on a transponder card.

Access to special areas within buildings is managed, authorized and monitored separately.

Fleet management

Manage all vehicles that gain access to the site

Fleet management for the administration of trips with monitoring of the capacity utilisation via route comparisons

Management of the rented elements of the vehicle fleet with contract monitoring

Access to special areas within buildings is managed, authorized and monitored separately.


Access statistics by client, location, gates or special areas.

Evaluation over time, peak time analysis and access duration and location.

Various key management figures according to areas of responsibility and need.


Analysis to control the appointment situation per doctor and period

Check for existing free space in the schedule to optimize the workload

Presentation of completed and upcoming appointments with reference to capacity problems or overlapping appointments

Display of planning data, workload and capacities


Maintenance and project orders according to any filter criteria and status (open, due, overdue, etc.)

TPM key figures, MTBF, MTTR, OEE

Data preparation for commercial requirements and controlling. Articles with unit prices, personnel with rates, machine hours and external services.

Progress display with trend functions for detecting deviations. Conditional reporting for note and warning lists.

Extensive history functions (machine map) for objects, structures and locations


Mobile processing of maintenance and repairs, booking of personnel, articles and measurement data, recording of image and document data, digital signature

Access to all objects ( facilities, assembly, tools ) with pictures and documentation, spare parts, order history, counter readings and properties

Documents and images for orders such as maintenance, repairs and projects, for objects ( facilities, assemblies, tools) and articles

Mobile reporting of incidents quickly and easily with status and image information

Access to all articles with pictures and documentation, parts list, properties and stock

Mobile ordering of articles to orders, goods receipt, storage / retrieval, inventory and correction postings

Mobile recording of meter readings, pausibility-checked recording

Booking terminals

Keyboardless operating environment for order processing with touch screen IPCs and scanner support for garage and sensitive areas.

Keyboardless operating environment for warehouse management with touch screen IPCs and scanner support for workshop and sensitive areas

Keyboardless operating environment for magazine and tool management with touch screen IPCs and scanner support for workshop and sensitive areas.

Basic modules

Core module of the application for the maintenance of all master data such as objects ( facilities, assemblies, tools), articles, addresses, codes and categories as well as parameterization of the functionality

Extensive maintenance planning with resource requirements and checklist, appointment and counter intervals. Maintenance planning and condition-oriented measures, complex inspection plans with step and offset distances

Extensive order types in three order groups for maintenance, repair and project orders, tasks, backlog and dunning control including escalation levels

Generation of cyclical or status-oriented maintenance tasks, creation of reports with overviews and key figures, automatic dispatch by e-mail, print output or storage.

Fully automatic update function for user-controlled updating of the working environment

Extensive user groups and user administration. Individual authorizations for functions, masks and evaluations

Integrated reports based on the list & label report generator, freely configurable Excel output and reports from Microsoft Reporting Service

Mobile app

Data acquisition with terminals from the manufacturer Datafox: order processing, feedback, resources and counter recording.

Accounting solutions for tool, measuring equipment and warehouse management

Integration of scanner solutions for documentation. Automatic allocation of documents, automated feedback by scanning

Interface modules

Connection to various systems for data transfer of meter data, status data and triggers (fault management)

Content data comparison with external systems at database level. Export and import as well as adjustment and transfer table functions

Separate modules for the more complex connection of external systems. Individual possibilities

Connector, connection module for direct controlled access to all SAP modules


Preparation of patient invoices according to GOÄ

Combining several patient invoices into one company invoice


Control of incoming payments and reminders with different levels


Preparation of hazard assessments with risk assessment, hazard evaluation and key risk areas via statistics

Monitoring of training and qualification measures, deposit of skills and knowledge, automatic reminder system for recurring measures

Identification and declaration of hazardous substances, preparation of safety data sheets

Surveillance modules

Extensive fault and order notification module, differentiated control station displays. User feedback in production through appointments, status and comments.

Monitoring of process-relevant systems, automatic information of the QS in case of relevant interventions. Activation and release functions

Web modules

Browser solution for the incident and order notification module, user feedback in production through appointments, status and comments. Order overviews and schedule control by the production

Browser solution for extensive editing of the three order groups for maintenance, repair and project orders, tasks and personnel overviews

Order reporting system with budget releases. Mapping of the organizational structure and budgeting of profit centers. Releasing and upgrading of orders. Extensive overviews.

Add-on modules

Universal order management for articles / spare parts. From order proposals to orders for delivery control with all possible processing options to direct commissioning or transfer as order proposal to leading systems. Automatic supplier dunning.

Define and manage budget. Monitor budget compliance and overview of costs and trends.

Management of several independent data sets, synchronization of essential master data

Administration of all BGL relevant data, accounting of construction sites. Rental and repair accounting by cost centre. Calculation according to LV.

Overview of all tool configurations (injection moulding, punching or moulding tools) for different configurations on different machines. Warehouse and deployment management

Bill of material management of assets. Connection of Autodesk Vault article data. Automated explosion of parts lists to requirements and production orders, stock reservations and Kanban integration. Planning overviews and project characteristics.

Planning of personnel with capacity data. Shift schedule with any shift and availability times. Personnel planning with capacity overview and task planning.

Display of task overviews, key figures and team information on status screens.

Basic modules

Enter all necessary data of your patients. Obligation to retain data?

Manage your business partners, suppliers, external laboratories.

Manage your employees and assign them to specific areas.

Scheduling of employees according to specific appointment types

Appointment management

Calendar to manage all employees and their appointments. Documentation of the activities for the appointment. Processing of a defined checklist.

Proposal and control of recurring appointments.

Subdivision of the dates into different statuses for evaluation and accounting

Device integration

Connection of external examination devices and software to the system with import function of their results

Integration of external IT devices

Integration of external measuring and fitness devices

Document management

Creation of various doctor's letters according to templates

Recording and management of findings

Integration of scanners in the processes to simplify documentation


Integration of external laboratories including data transmission via Internet

Analysis of the laboratory values and graphic processing of the data